Avaya Partner 18D EURO 2- LCD Phone

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Product Overview

Comtech is the leading online choice to buy and sell Avaya Partner 18D phones. Our inventory of Avaya Partner 18D phones is large and in stock and available for immediate shipment. Along with the Avaya Partner phones, we carry a complete line of all Avaya Partner Phones and Systems.


The Avaya Partner 18D Phone includes a 2-line X 24-Characters LCD display which is also backlit with 4 contrast levels, a built in 2-way speakerpohone and a 2 button hands-free answer intercom. The Avaya Partner 18D Phone Series 2 (700340193) has a tilt up display. It is compatible with all Avaya Partner Phone Systems.

Warranty Information

24 months


(No reviews yet) Write a Review