Nortel M7208 Phone

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Comtech is the leading online choice to buy and sell Nortel M7208 phones. Our inventory of Nortel M7208 phones is large and in stock and available for immediate shipment. Along with the Nortel M7208 phones, we carry a complete line of Nortel Norstar Meridian Phones and Systems.

Nortel phones, Norstar M7208, Model # NT8B30-03, NT8B30-93, NT8B30-35

The Norstar M7208 phone is perfectly suited for low activity areas where access to a few lines and features are required. The Norstar M7208 can be used for high call-out activity, and it has 8 buttons that can be programmed for a combination of lines, user speed-dials and features. Nortel Networks has stopped manufacturing the Norstar M7208 and has currently replaced it with the Nortel T7208 Phones.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review