Cisco 8832 IP Conference Phone

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Product Overview

Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832 brings professional VoIP telephony to large groups from a single device. Cisco 8832 provides 360° coverage with a 10ft pickup range using newly designed microphones. The studio monitor quality speaker means everyone in the conversation can hear what's being said. Elegantly constructed, Cisco 8832 is simple to install and operate, giving you a single line with a multiple-line experience. A USB-C port reduces the number of cables you need to have showing on the table, keeping your room focused on collaboration. Cisco 8832 offers all the professional networking and security features you've come to expect from Cisco. 8832 is a Class 3 PoE device, for easier powering. It supports a IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack for future-proof connectivity. Cisco Discovery Protocol and 802.1p/Q QoS controls allow you to prioritize data for stabler connections. SHA-256 protects your data, as does TLS and SRTP encryption.

Warranty Information

12 months


(No reviews yet) Write a Review